Wildacres Writing Workshop
Writers relax on the patio.
Wildacres Writing Workshop Director Judi Hill


I hope you can join us at Wildacres. I promise it will be an excellent learning experience plus a time of fun and laughter. More importantly, you will be part of a community of writers and make friendships that will last long after this wonderful summer week.

We have one of the highest retention rates of any writing workshop in the country. Almost half of the attendees have been to Wildacres before.

We want you to join our Wildacres family. Come and experience the magic on the mountain!


Director - Judi Hill
Address - 233 South Elm Street
City - Greensboro
State & Zip - NC 27401
Phone - Cell (336) 255-8210
E-Mail - judihill@aol.com

NOTE: Greensboro is 3 hours from Wildacres. Do NOT come to Greensboro for the workshop!