Wildacres Writing Workshop
Writers relax on the patio.
Ron Rash's novel class in session.Novel Class — facilitator, Ron Rash, professor, Western Carolina University

Writing Workshop Week

A typical workshop week includes:

  • 7 night stay in our beautiful mountain-lodge style rooms (double occupancy, we do not provide private rooms)
  • All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, served family style in our onsite dining facility
  • Your workshop. manuscript critique and all evening activities
  • All of this set against the beautifully inspiring backdrop of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. 

These are "working" workshops where your manuscript is critiqued and given the attention it deserves. Class sizes are ten or less and leadership is at the Master Class level. You may only enroll in one workshop, but you may audit others. You are in class approximately 2 hours a day.

CLASSES OFFERED: Novel, Short Story, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Flash Fiction

Total fee for the Workshop Week is $875. Because our fee is inexpensive, newcomers are often concerned about the quality of the facility and the writing workshops. Don't be! The beautiful lodge-type buildings blend the comfort of modern living with the beauty of North Carolina's Blue Ridge mountains. Our workshop costs less because Wildacres Retreat Center is a non-profit and does not allow for-profit organizations to use their facility. Accordingly, Wildacres Writing Workshop is operated on a not-for-profit basis.

Published, unpublished and talented beginning writers are welcome at Wildacres Writing Workshop, but you must be a serious writer to attend. We require a one page sample of your writing submitted with your application. Alumni can forego the sample. You MUST submit a manuscript and you MUST read and critique the manuscripts submitted by your classmates.

If you have a friend or spouse who would like to accompany you, they are welcome. (The fee for this person is also $875.) Only one person in the room is required to take part in the workshop. Wildacres is a wonderful place for a relaxing vacation.

Writing workshop attendees pose with instructor Ann Hood.Nonfiction Class — facilitator, Ann Hood
FACULTY PREFERENCES: On your application you will be able to select class and faculty preferences. We will try to honor your faculty request, but as a smart alumni, Debbie Daniel, once said, "When you apply for Wildacres, don't worry about the class. Just get in! Don't miss the experience."

Manuscript limits are: Poetry: 6 poems; Flash Fiction: 3 to 4 stories, depending on length, not to exceed a total of 15 pages with a 4,500 word limit; Short Story, Novel, Creative Nonfiction: 15 pages with a 4,500 word limit (word count must appear on the front page).

Do NOT send more pages than stipulated and do NOT revise the manuscript once sent. Most of the classes will exchange manuscripts electronically before June 1st. Do NOT email or fax your manuscript until directed by your instructor. Each class will be notified by the instructor about how manuscripts will be handled. You will receive this information long before June 1st, probably in early May. We advise that you bring a few extra manuscript copies with you to the workshop for auditors.
Poetry class in session.Poetry Class — facilitator, Dr. Janice Moore Fuller, professor, Catawba College

SCHEDULE: Every class will have a day off on a staggered schedule. This will allow you to audit classes that are in your same time frame or go sightseeing. There are activities every night. Meals are at 8:00, 12:30 & 6:00. Your schedule will be in your packet when you arrive.

Deposits are due IN OUR OFFICE by MAY 20th. Writing samples MUST also be sent by May 20th unless you are an alumni. If you wish to apply after May 20th, please contact the director to see if a space is open.

Your balance is due June 1. No exceptions.

A $100 cancellation fee is charged through April 1st. From April 1st to June 5th there is a $175 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds after June 5th unless we can refill your spot. If you are not accepted, your entire deposit will be returned.

Scholarships are available. Many of our students request Grass Roots Grants from their local Arts Council or a local college and are seldom denied.

Please remember that Wildacres fills up quickly. For the Writers Workshop Program we can sleep 90 attendees plus faculty & working staff. We always have a waiting list.

Any writer who attends the workshop may attend the prior week as well for an additional fee of $450 for a double occupancy room or $525 for one of the limited number of private rooms. You may use the time as you wish.