Welcome to Wildacres

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to the
2023 Writers Workshop.

We’re very happy to invite you to our Workshop, a writing and community experience like no other. We’ll be in touch with more details and instructions over the next few months as the Retreat and Workshop dates approach; but for now, here’s some information to help you plan for your week(s) on the mountain.

A view looking up from the Wildacres amphitheater steps to the patio and lodges.

Class Preparation

  • Your manuscript should be ready by June 1, but please don’t submit until notified by your instructor.
  • Each class is limited to 10 attendees. Once your class is full, your instructor will contact you and your fellow classmates regarding your manuscripts, class format and exercises, and any other necessary information.
  • Most classes will exchange manuscripts electronically. Your instructor will advise you on manuscript submission, document formatting, deadlines, and how to prepare your classmates’ manuscripts for discussion.
  • Do not send more pages than stipulated.
  • Do not revise your manuscript once you’ve sent it to your instructor and classmates.
  • Bring a few extra manuscript copies with you to the workshop for auditors. Wildacres has no printing services or public printers, so please bring any printed materials with you.

If you’re new to Wildacres (or didn’t know we have an online community space), please join our Facebook group.

For a preview of how you’ll spend your time at Wildacres, visit Fees & Schedule.


Flying hints: Wildacres is about 50 miles, or about a 90-minute drive, from Asheville Airport. The Charlotte airport is about a two-hour drive from Wildacres, but flights and car rentals are usually cheaper. You may be able to arrange ride sharing on Facebook as the Workshop date approaches.

Driving directions: Wildacres is about 25 miles from Interstate 40 and Marion, NC (which is about halfway between Hickory and Asheville). From Marion, take NC 226 North (bypass) to NC 226A and proceed to the “Wildacres” sign on the left. Follow the road and signs to the Wildacres grounds. Although Wildacres is in the mountains, the roads are well maintained and easy to drive.

Google Map of Wildacres

Mobile service can be spotty as you travel up the mountain and get closer to the facility, so we suggest you print or save your directions for the drive from Marion.

Food and Drink

  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided at 8am, 12:30pm, and 6pm, but the dining hall is closed otherwise.
  • Dietary Considerations: Special dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc.) can usually be accommodated. We’ll follow up with all attendees to gather information on any dietary needs and coordinate with the Wildacres Retreat staff to prep for Retreat and Workshop meals.
  • Canteen: The canteen is open a few times during the day; some snacks are available for purchase, but you may want to bring a supply of your favorite snacks to keep in your room.
  • Refrigerators, microwaves, and coolers: Rooms do not include these amenities, but you’re welcome to use the microwave in the canteen; there is a refrigerator in the canteen pantry, but space is very limited. You may also bring a standard or electric cooler for your room; an ice machine is located in the canteen, but Wildacres Retreat asks that we do not use the ice to fill coolers.
  • Coffee: Free coffee is provided mornings and afternoons in the canteen. Wildacres Retreat is very eco-friendly; the staff requests that we bring our own coffee mugs, if possible, instead of using the canteen’s disposable cups.
  • Beverages: Alcohol and beverages are permitted in most places on campus, but the canteen does not sell alcohol. We’ll provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during a few evening activities; you may also bring your own to keep in your room.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the rooms or any building at Wildacres but is permitted outdoors at a safe distance from buildings. 

Facility Amenities

  • Toiletries: Towels, linens, soap, and toilet paper are provided by the facility. Please bring any other toiletry or personal items you might need (hair dryer, iron, etc.), as they’re not available on site.
  • Laundry: There are no washers and dryers on site, but several laundromats can be found in Spruce Pine or Marion.
  • WiFi: Wildacres offers free WiFi for your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. You can usually find a good signal in the lobby or on the porches, but it is not readily accessible in your room. Service is limited and we are asked not to conduct prolonged business or browse the web using the facility WiFi. If you need long computer sessions, there are several places in Spruce Pine that have free access.
  • Office services: Wildacres has no office services, computers, or printers for public use.
  • Emergency phone number: The Wildacres number to leave with your emergency contacts during your stay is (828) 756-4573. This is an emergency number ONLY: The staff is small and locating people for phone calls can be time-consuming for them.

We look forward to seeing you on the mountain in July!